FeuerMaxx firelighters are made from wood-wool (wood from certified forests, dipped in wax and are especially suitable for chimneys, barbecues, stoves and other hearths. 

FeuerMaxx Natural firelighters will burn powerfully and reliably for up to 10 minutes and will ignite logs, coal or any other type of fuel cleanly and completely odour-free. They will not create soot or other gaseous toxins. The firelighters leave no residue when used on the barbecue, and they do not affect the taste of the food. 

We use only natural materials in the production of our FeuerMaxx firelighters. This is kind to the environment, and your home at the same time. 

FeuerMaxx firelighters are packed in boxes or bags, and are available according to your individual requirements. Their high burning strength means that FeuerMaxx firelighters are economical to use! 

Made in Austria according to EN1860-3-2003-12

Safety Advice

Do not use spirits or petrol to ignite or re-ignite the firelighters.

Only use fire kindling that complies with the European Norm for fire kindling (EN18603- 2003-12).

Do not store FeuerMaxx firelighters at temperatures of over 45°C!

Fire kindling should be kept out of the reach of children! Keep well away from children! If swallowed, seek immediate medical assistance and show the doctor the firelighter packaging or label.